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Aspiring Artist

‘I want to draw a lot of anime characters’

Budding artist from Apeejay School, Rama Mandi in Jalandhar says art is a medium to find peace and express my thoughts on paper



You must have heard about Anime? If not then just speak with any adolescent around and watch them blabber on about how good Naruto or Demon Slayer or Tokyo Revengers is. Like most kids her age, Pranjal Kapoor, a class 12 student at Apeejay School, Rama Mandi in Jalandhar, too is an anime fan. Pranjal is a fabulous artist for whom art is an inner meditation to experience joy and contentment. 

In this week’s Aspiring Artist series, the Commerce student mentions the reasons behind keeping oil painting in her art bucket list, highlights about her other hobbies and the joy she derives from this pristine art form. 

Tell us about your journey into art?

I started drawing around the age of 6. I was in my primary grade classes then. Drawing or art as we call it, was an activity that gave me immense joy and I simply loved it.

Which art form fascinates you the most?

I don’t have a favourite art form to be honest. I just look for inspiration from my surroundings and draw my heart out. That’s my code!

How does your school support you as an artist?

I am grateful to my school for their constant motivation and encouragement. Their moral support is unparalleled. The school supports me so much as an artist. Mr. Amit, my art teacher in school, is superbly skilled and imparts his knowledge to me and other students at all times. I have learnt a lot from him and continue to grow under his guidance.

Every artist has their understanding of art. What’s your definition?

Art is a way of expressing thoughts and it is something which gives me peace and satisfaction.

How much time does an artwork take on average? What are your common ideas and themes?

Sometimes an art piece gets completed within 2 hours, and sometimes it may take an entire day. I often surf the internet for ideas and other times I just observe my surroundings for any inspiration.  Whatever fascinates me the most, becomes the theme of my art piece.

Tell us about your upcoming artworks?

I am really looking forward to drawing some anime characters. I really love the way the anime characters are sketched, there is a resemblance to humans and their faces are so expressive. No wonder, they are so popular with the youth now.

 One new art form you wish to learn?

I really want to learn oil painting. It is on my bucket list and I am very excited about it. The outcome of the oil painting is so beautiful that at times it even appears unrealistic.

Lastly, any other hobbies apart from art?

Plenty! My other hobbies include dancing, rapping, graphic designing and playing badminton. 

Arijit Roy is a young correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. He has done his masters in English literature from Delhi University and has a book of poems published by Writers Workshop India. He can be reached at [email protected]