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How to ace fashion trends, India-style



By Pakhi Bindal

As iconic fashion photographer Bill Cunnigham put it: Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life. One must dress to express not impress. India, a country full of diverse cultures, languages and style gives a uniqueness to its fashion trends, a chance to fuse different cultures into something never seen before.

North to south and west to east, India never seizes to amaze the world with its different trends and cultures. For instance, consider the northern Indian states Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh etc. In these states the most easy-going everyday fashion is the salwar kurta. It comprises a long, straight-fitting tunic and some free jeans that assemble at the lower legs. The salwar kurta can be worn by men as well as ladies. However ladies ordinarily go for the more feminised salwar kameez. This outfit was at first just worn by men as a relaxed wear outfit, favoured as a result of its comfort and adaptability.

When we look at South India, we have the Mundu Neriyatham in Kerala, The Mundu is worn around the hips and underneath the navel. The material is smooth or white in shading and has a hued line strip called the Kara. Generally, the Neriyatham is the name of the upper article of clothing, which is put over the shirt. The“ Mundu Neriyatham ” for special events has brilliant shaded lines or a wide zari line known as“ Kasavu”, another name for the costume — the “Kasavu Saree”. In Tamil Nadu, Kanchipuram also known as the Kanjeevaram sarees, are the most famous traditional attire. But the basic and the most traditional women’s dress of Tamil Nadu is the Pavada Davani, which is a three-piece clothing which includes a long lower garment resembling a petticoat or a long skirt; a choli blouse and a long dupatta like strip of cloth. It is usually worn by the girls in rural Tamil Nadu. The men are usually seen dressed in lungi along with a shirt and angavastra. South Indian fashion is famous for its handloom and embroidered sarees and clothes.

Fusion wear is an idea that has revolutionised the Indian fashion industry. It blends western and Indian culture, celebrating the beauty of both worlds. For instance, wearing a pant with  kurta, corset with saree and crop top with Kashmiri , Rajasthani print. Fusion wear allows a person to break the shackles of set clothing norms and get creative.

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