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How do you make engaging video content? Here are some tips

Ajay Singh Rathore, who completed his PG diploma from Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication (AIMC), reveals how to hold the audience’s attention while they are watching a video



AIMC alumnus Ajay Singh Rathore is working as a team lead-video at nextmedia Pty Ltd, an Australian media company, where he produces technology-related content. With immense love for technology, Ajay aspired to a career in video editing and motion designing right from college. And his goals were met when he got his first job as a video editor during campus placements. He has been in the field ever since.

Ajay is also a budding entrepreneur. He has already applied for a trademark to open a startup on intimate hygiene products. Talking about the inspiration behind the idea, he says, “During my previous stint at Sanfe, a skincare and intimate hygiene care product company, I saw how the ads would generate whopping sales. So, I thought of giving it a shot.” That said, Ajay continues to derive pleasure from his work as a video editor. In an interview, the Apeejay alumnus shares some tips on how to make engaging video content for users.

What features should a video have to attract the audience?

“The music in the video is something that can make or break the connection with the audience. So, it should be very impactful and energetic to draw the user’s attention.

Second, you have to keep in mind what platform you are using for a particular video. On each platform, you are targeting a certain kind of audience. For instance, if somebody is watching a tech video on our company website, they might be interested in completing the entire duration, as long as the content is engaging. For an advertisement, on the other hand, the audience might just click the “skip ad” button if the content does not interest them. So, the video should be very crisp, and the message should be conveyed in less than 2 seconds—the person should be introduced to the brand and the product within that duration.”

How to retain creativity

People in creative professions sometimes suffer from the inability to innovate. How does one cope with such a situation? “For designers, there are times when one experiences a creative block. In such cases listening to others’ inputs can help. While making sure you give your best, maintain synergy with your client,” Ajay states.

Journey at AIMC

“It was during my journey at AIMC that I became sure about my career goals—I wanted to become a motion designer, animator, and video editor. The college provided us with a lot of exposure, including meeting journalists, actors, and other artistes. We were always engaged in some activity or the other. The professors guided us very well and supported us throughout. The professional setup in the college helped me hone my skills and prepare for the industry. Around the time of the placements, I remember Naveen Sir told me there was a job opening for a video editor. That ignited my interest. I believed in myself and completed the assignment the company gave me. My hard work paid off. I have completed almost four years of my professional career and I am really happy.”

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.