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How to become a topper



 By Janvi Sharma

A question that comes into every person’s mind at least once in a lifetime is how can you be an academic achiever. According to me, here are some ways that will definitely help you.

The full form of TOPPER:

Some of you might be dreaming of becoming a topper. So let me tell you, a topper is not someone who considers study as a burden but understands its importance in his/her heart. Now, let me tell you its full form which will not only help you in scoring well but also be successful in life.

T- Testing

O- Obsession

P- Practice

P- Planning

E- Exploring

R- Revision

To be successful, you must focus on your goals. I know it can be very difficult to control your addiction to your mobile, television, etc. So, to avoid all these distractions to channelise your passions.

A student must also be attentive during class because a distraction can make you miss important information. To avoid that, study with concentration and never keep a doubt in your mind. Rather, clear it at the same moment because may be you will come back to the problem again but no one will be there to resolve it for you.

There are endless ways to attain success but you need to decide your goal and stick to it. At the last, I would like to say that I can only give you these solutions, and applying them is your duty.