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How a girl from Hyderabad grew in confidence and stature at Apeejay



By Sreenija Reddy

Busy streets, yummy momos, loud people, good friends and a little bit of confidence – these are the initial things that come into my mind when I think of Delhi. Being a South Indian, travelling to Delhi for my post-graduation was something that I never thought of. I remember going through journalism and mass communication colleges on Siksha while I was planning my post graduation. And that’s how I came across Apeejay.

The minute I saw the name I could see the location being there. That ’s how for the first time I  imagined my way to Delhi. The perception that I had before coming here today has completely changed. Hailing from Hyderabad, I was so sceptical about going to Delhi since I could sense a huge cultural difference. I grew up in Hyderabad and of course it’s my home. I am associated with so many people and of course food over there. I could imagine how I would miss all these once I travel to Delhi. 

I held so many dreams before coming here and I somehow feel that this is one of my best decisions that I have ever made. This is the right one. From missing out to savour my favourite biryani to searching for some authentic South Indian restaurants in a North Indian state is a wonderful experience. I have so many people around me talking in a Delhi accent. And I feel I have gradually started speaking in that way too. 

Well, from experiencing some warm summers in Hyderabad to having a whole winter wardrobe right now, there have been so many transformations that I have experienced after coming to this historic state. And I would say these changes are building a bridge for me to walk towards my  future where I see myself becoming a copywriter. Changes are something that comes in as an evolution and these are the times that bring out the best in someone who tries to experience new things in life. 

After meeting so many people and having so many different situations, one thing that sticks with me is the learning that I receive. It’s the people who make the places beautiful and in my case it’s been an absolute truth. Coming from a conservative background, for me, my graduation life was so much like a comfort zone that never let me grow in any different way. I was that student who was good in academics and never tried anything new regarding any outdoor activities. 

After coming to Delhi and joining Apeejay, the institute provided me with that vibe – to always go out and do something interesting. I have always had people to cheer me for whatever I am doing today. I held the microphone for the first time in-front of so many people when I participated in an open mic during an event. I became a part of so many activities and in that manner this evolution has been so good after coming here. Whenever I think of this whole journey as a thing, it always leaves a beautiful imprint on my mind. All over again, I feel so refreshed, confident and nurtured that I have had such a good time coming here holding so many dreams and aspirations in life.

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