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Highlights of my back-to-school experience 



Children entering the school gates with bags on their shoulders, gigglingwith peers and friends after a gap of two years. It seemed like a faded memory, our school. I was doubtful if wewould ever return to school physically since the time Covid-19 pandemic hit India.

The first day of school was full of new hope and opportunities. For the first time after a longhiatus, I felt comfortable in this routine life. I was a bit anxious as I reached school but words fall short to describethe feeling of elation on starting my new academic journey.

That morning at 6, I woke up, packed my bag,wore the school uniform and for a second, it all felt like I was in a different world. After such a long time, it was not mandatory for everyone to wear a mask. At the school, both students and teachers wanted toshare their thoughts and feelings with each other. My teachers motivated me to share my emotions as well.  

And so, I decided to achieve an excellent attendance record this year. With that, I also promised myself that I will participate fully in all extra-curricular activities to boost my confidence.

The reopening of my school since the pandemic has given me a ray of hope. My first day was memorable, it was a day of reunion.