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Health and success – Strike an ideal balance



By Garima Bhatoye

Health and success are two major wheels of our life. It begins with maintaining health and ends with achieving goals. One must always aim at achieving their goal without neglecting health.

When we are choosing a career, we go through a lot of chaos in our mind because it is always a new thing for every person. Some of our relatives or friends advise us to choose a particular stream that they think would be right for us and will help us to come in building a successful future.

As we can see, a lot of people gather unnecessary knowledge and feel that they are exemplary for others. But at times of struggle, most of the students neglect inhibitions and do not focus on their weak points. At this young age, we don’t need to focus on something which is not even related to our aim. We must work on our weak points and hence stay focused.

Faith in oneself is permanent, and once you start believing in yourself, you will feel more confident, whereas ego is transient and when it ends, you feel hopeless and anxious because it is very difficult to face the truth.

Therefore, at the age of adolescence, we should be focused on what we wish to achieve in our life. You will be healthier if you stay away from distractions and focus on what you want to achieve. According to my perception, everything is absolute when you maintain balance and give more time to the things that are worthy.

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