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Spooky enactments, scary coffins: Halloween 2022



By Saanvi Sharma

Halloween was originally celebrated as a Celtic festival of Samhain with an aim to keep the real ghosts away by dressing up as them and lighting bonfires.

This year, Apeejay School International – South Delhi celebrated Halloween with a big bang. Students and teachers both enjoyed the spine-tingling activities arranged with spooky enactments, scary coffins, thrilling short movies and sumptuous cookies.

At the event, students of Middle-Years-Programme I & II entertained the audience by showcasing the coffins and the ghouls and haunted them with jump scares and fun experiences. It was a great event which brought smiles on our faces.

Along with the coffins came the delicious treats that were made by the students of Primary-Years-Programme III & IV. All of the audiences was gathered around the stalls, hoping to get one or more serving.

As the enactments were going on, students heard amazing stories. The actors entertained the audience so well that all were assembled to watch the play.

Last but not least, the wonderful short movies were displayed by the students of Middle-Years-Programme III, as a part of their language and literature class on the topic, “Can we hold onto the past?”

Not only students, but the teachers were also dressed up so well that no one could tell the difference between them and a real monster! I am sure, as everyone dressed up for the real purpose of Halloween, all ghosts must have vanished near to our school!

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