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From sample papers, to early preparation, toppers of Apeejay School Charkhi Dadri share their success mantras



With 96.8%, Avishi Munjal topped the school in the class 10 Board examinations. She didn’t expect that she would top the school, but was sure that she would get good marks.

Munjal scored a perfect 100 in both English and Hindi, 97 in Mathematics, 95 in Social Studies and 92 in Science.

Munjal shared her study technique with Apeejay Newsroom: “I used to get up early and attend my classes online. Then I took a short break and did self-study for 5-6 hours. I made sure that every time I studied, I made short notes which I could revise later. I marked important things with a marker and went through my notes once again,” she said.  “I would like to give credit to my teachers as well who put in additional efforts to check the sample papers that I used to solve. They also explained my mistakes and cleared all my doubts even after school hours,” added Munjal.

Even in the times of a pandemic, the teachers motivated students and helped them remain positive, recalled Munjal.

 Krish Bansal secured the second position in the school with 96.4%. He scored 100 in Social Science, 99 in Mathematics, 97 in English, 95 in Science and 91 in Hindi.

Sharing his study technique to score a perfect 100 in Social Science, despite being afraid of this subject, he said, “Since the beginning I knew that I was weak in Social Science. I always paid attention to my teachers to note down everything and marked important chapters. It was difficult for me to deal with this subject since I didn’t like the subject apart from the vast syllabus. In the last month of my preparation, I gave up studying other subjects. I only studied Social Science for a month.”

“Usually I used to study for less than three hours but when the exams were near, I increased my self-study to four hours a day. For mathematics, I began with NCERT textbooks and then referred to RD Sharma,” added Bansal.

Prachi Goyal, who used to do self- study for only an hour or two every day, secured 96% in her class 10 Boards. She scored a perfect 100 in Mathematics and Social Studies, 97 in English, 92 in Hindi and 91 in Science.

“I was able to score 100 in Social Studies only because I put in my best efforts since the beginning of the academic session. I prepared well for every examination that was held throughout the year. I gave my 100 % in making the project and when the pre-Boards came, I studied dedicatedly. I used to make notes every time I studied the subject,” Goyal said.

Goyal recalled that she never let the pressure of Board examinations faze her and used to study just for four days in a week.

Sharing her mantra for getting good marks in the Boards, she said, “My tuition teacher recommended the Super 30 Sample Papers book to me. It contained 30 sample papers of each subject, so I solved them all.”

“I congratulate all students, teachers and parents for a wonderful Class 10 result. The school average has increased by more than 4%. The students did not lose their focus and showed tremendous resilience through the pandemic times. I congratulate the teachers for the constant online support provided to the students and the parents for walking hand in hand with us in creating a success story for their wards.”

Rudrendra Basak, Principal, Apeejay school charkhi dadri

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