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For holistic development, it’s best to send your children to Apeejay: Radhika Dhir



Homemaker Radhika Dhir (32), is proud of her children Atharav (9) and Divisha (5). They are high on confidence and are mindful of their manners. Radhika’s husband Chetan Dhir (33), runs a sports business. In an interview, she talks about how Apeejay School has groomed her children in terms of good education as well as being a good human being.

Why did you choose Apeejay School?
Apeejay is an established brand in Jalandhar. If your children are studying in Apeejay, you are considered fortunate. We have heard a lot about students who are alumni of this school. All of them are well-settled in life. Also, at the time of Atharav’s admission, we were in touch with many parents whose kids are studying here. We observed that the children are confident and are not afraid of anything. When we visited the school, the ambience and the infrastructure along with great staff attracted us and we decided that Atharav will study here. Following his admission and having a wonderful experience, we decided to put Divisha too in the same school. Atharv is in class-3 while Divisha is in LKG of Apeejay School, Model Town.

Tell us more about your children?
Atharav is nine years old and is studying in class 3. He is very reserved in nature but very good in studies, especially computers. He is learning coding and has become a coder now. He is also a quiz master. He participates in almost all competitions related to computers or general knowledge. Divisha’s nature is diametrically opposite to that of Atharav. She is bold and confident for her age. She is an active child who doesn’t exhibit any stage fear. She has very good speaking skills.
Both my kids make me proud in public. Everyone asks me the secret behind their confidence and well-mannered behaviour. They get attracted towards their personality. I always tell them that it’s only because of Apeejay.

How important is laying a strong foundation for a child?
It is very important. If at an early age, parents choose the right school, the probability of shaping a bright future for kids becomes high. We are blessed that at Apeejay my kids are learning value-based education. My daughter, who is only five, knows table manners. In fact she teaches her grandparents the correct style of holding the knife and the fork. From childhood, if they develop certain manners, values and understand concepts, it will become easy for them in the future.

What are the big rewards of online education for your children?
Both my kids have become independent. They wake up in the morning on their own. They get ready on time and start their online classes. They finish their homework by themselves. Even though it’s an online class and they don’t have classroom experience, both of them attend their classes with full concentration. Their ability to sit for long periods has also improved. They don’t require too many breaks now.

Your experience with the teachers?
I must salute the teachers who are putting their best efforts in bringing the classroom atmosphere to kids’ homes. They are so calm and cooperative. Each teacher is very polite and composed. They are always there to help us. Apeejay has well-experienced teachers.

“Even in my kitty parties, I recommend the school for my friend’s children. I always tell them that your children will become a complete package if they study at Apeejay.”

-Radhika Dhir

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