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Equality is what we wish for 



By Manya Taneja

Men shouldn’t be in the kitchen or help. It’s a woman’s duty to cook and be in the kitchen. Sounds rude, isn’t it? In the 21st century, when everyone is talking about equality and feminism, why is it still not okay if a man take care of the kitchen chores? 

If both partners in a marriage can work outside, then it’s the responsibility of both to take care of the home together. It is perfectly normal for a man to cook for his wife and family, as it is for a woman. In many hotels and restaurants, we do come across male chefs. Then, how is it beyond their prestige to do the same job at home for their loved ones? 

I’m saying this with such confidence because I experience a unique situation at my home. And well, this situation is quite normal for my family. Along with the female members at my home, men also do household chores. 

My own grandfather is such an amazing cook – he’s so good when it comes to experimenting recipes and making new dishes. This gives him so much happiness and satisfaction to help my grandmother and mother. 

He’s not the one who follows society-made patriarchal rules. It’s not in his attitude to just sit and order his wife and daughters-in-law. Instead, he helps himself as well as my grandma in the kitchen. He has never made my grandmother feel like a slave, who is always around him fulfilling his wishes. Rather, he treats her like a partner, who he loves and cares for a lot. I am blessed and inspired by my grandfather who shows what true love really is. 

Well, I am aware that it isn’t a two-minute task to change the mindset of millions of people, who still believe in patriarchy. But we can try and hope to bring a change together. Instead of just teaching the girls – how to cook, how to behave, how to help – the boys should also be taught the same lessons. The son should not be trained to feel superior. But he should be taught about equality. 

Let’s change the wordings “Yeh toh ladkiyo ka kaam hai” to “Kya farak padta hai ladki kare ya ladka, kaam toh kaam hai.” We need to bring this change and accept the idea of equality and equal opportunities for women in every field. The futuristic vision should be to make this world a more comfortable, safer and peaceful space for women to live and grow!

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