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Do we all belong to this world?



By: Adya Verma

“I am not the kind to write, but the kind to be written about”

It’s the beginning of the end. In Sophomore year, life doesn’t make sense at all, I thought I’d be far more involved in the greater triumphs of life, but it doesn’t make sense anymore. 

What to believe? Where do I belong? When did I get these foreign feelings? When did I start feeling so broken and betrayed? Nobody is a monster, just a little broken.

The bad boy, the jocks and the mean girls. I wonder about the people we used to be, the innocence but were we ever innocent or was it just buried deep inside until a greater evil stripped us off and revealed our true identity to the world, guess we’ll never know.

I thought I knew what I wanted. But the closer I am to my dreams, the sky and everything beneath it roars – “Is it really what you want?” Our life is being shaped at this very moment. The choices we make lead us to past memories, but do these memories define us?

To be vulnerable and put faith in the people,  but it is actually blissful to grow up to be someone and to nurture into an adult capable of being worthy with the best people in the world? Lastly, the ones we choose to build our life from the ground together – the ones we call friends. Do we all belong?