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Both my daughters are confident enough to express their thoughts in public, thanks to Apeejay : Anuj Agarwal



Anuj Agarwal with his wife Ranjeeta and daughters- Yashwi (L) and Shivi

Anuj Agarwal (45), who owns a pharmaceutical company and Ranjeeta Agarwal are proud parents of two daughters– Yashwi  and Shivi, studying in  Class XIth and VIII, respectively at Apeejay School Noida. They have been studying here since Nursery. They are proud of the fact that they chose the right school for their daughters.

What made you choose Apeejay School for both your daughters?
As a parent there are 3-4 things which need to be taken care of while selecting any school or academic institution. The first thing and that of utmost important is the safety and security of the child. When the child is very young and goes to a nursery class or initial classes, the safety of the child is very important. The behaviour of the teachers is also important including their communication skills. Academics is also an important part. While academics is the top criteria it is not the sole criteria. Academics along with the cooperation of the teachers is what allows any student to discover their capabilities. Apeejay School, Noida was a complete package for us.

Tell me your experience of your daughter’s admission at Apeejay?
We shifted from Kanpur in 2008 and Yashwi was only 2.5 -3 years old. At this age, school and their friends is the only world. When we shifted she was confused about what had happened, all friends had gone and nobody was there.  She became an introvert. It takes time to adjust to a new environment. At this point, the teachers were very supportive. I still remember the name of the nursery teacher – Ritu Ma’am. She used to do small-small things for Yashwi, such as appreciating her for every tiny thing. It eventually changed her behaviour and she became confident. When a child grows like this, S/he will be able to give his/her best performance. I can say, both of my daughters are one of the best students of their classes.

Any special things about the teachers at Apeejay?
I can remember the names of each and every class teacher of my daughters since nursery. They were not only teachers for one class or for one year. My daughters have a bond with the teachers. We also interacted with the teachers, so we developed a bond. Most of the teachers also remember us as a parent. My daughter Yashwi is in Class XIth now, but her nursery teacher still remembers her. It never happens in a day. The bond needs time among teachers, parents and students.

How about extra-curricular activities at Apeejay?
Because of the extracurricular activities both of my daughters have participated in so many inter school competitions in every class. Apeejay school has a right balance between academics and extracurricular activities that helps a child groom in every perspective. No school can run without academics. We are staying in a world, where only academics isn’t sufficient. Your communication, presentation skills, values, and interaction with others are important. Being a bookworm, won’t work.

Have you seen any enhancement in your child’s personality?
Definitely. Because of curricular activities, now you can ask any of my daughters to stand before the public on stage. They will not hesitate to speak and express their thoughts. This is the best part as confidence can make you win a battle. You can face things. Both my daughters are confident enough to communicate their thoughts. When anybody has confidence in herself/ himself, all the obstacles can be overcome, be it academics or any other thing.  

Functioning of Apeejay during lockdown?
It was excellent. I remember last year when a lockdown was imposed suddenly, nobody was prepared. Neither the parents, nor the teachers, not even schools.  Challenge was to switch from offline to online mode. There were initial hiccups, that was quite natural. Apeejay school switched from offline to online mode. It’s a great achievement.. All teachers were providing support and putting their best efforts to not compromise on academics and other activities as well. Teachers made untiring efforts 24 hours.

Would you recommend this school to your peer group?
For sure.

As Yashwi got promoted from Class Xth, so many schools have approached us to send my child to their school, but I refused. I am happy with Apeejay.

-Anuj agarwal

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