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BOLT: The Super Hero



By Prakhar Rastogi 

Bolt is a superhero who can control thunder, fly with super speed, and go invisible. Bolt helps people in different ways and his actual name is Tom.

Tom was a scientist. Once he thought of making a composition of chemicals that could help people. When he was making the composition, something unexpected happened. The vapours started forming from the composition and created a small explosion that he fainted.

When he woke up. He felt something strange in his body and felt like a superhero. After discovering his superhero powers, he named himself ‘Bolt’ and then made a superhero costume for himself . The colour of the costume was red and yellow and there was a lightning bolt sign in the centre of the costume. He started helping people and that curbed a lot of criminal activities in the country.  Bolt became famous in the whole world in very less time.

Unfortunately, there was an evil scientist named Trevor. He was very jealous of Bolt and wanted to kill him. So, he decided to become a demon, who can control water. He made a machine that can turn him into a demon. Few days later, the machine started working successfully and turned Trevor into a demon, who could fly and control water.

He named himself ‘Aqua’ and made a costume of blue and green colour for himself. He was interested in doing evil things and wanted to kill ‘Bolt’.

One day, he flew to the place where a television program was streaming live. He took a knife and pointed towards an actor and said, “My name is Aqua, I want to fight with Bolt, and let’s see who wins”. Tom was also watching the television program, so he dressed and flew to the place where Aqua was. Aqua said loudly, “Bolt if you dare then fight with me”. Bolt said, “Ok, I accept your challenge but there is a condition whoever loses will never come back.” Aqua agreed and the fight started.

Aqua made a high-pressure water wave and threw it on Bolt. As Bolt possessed super speed power, he moved his hand very fast and made a high-pressure wind which stopped the water waves. .  Both Aqua and Bolt fought for many hours in the sky.

Later, Aqua got angry and decided to flood the city. While Aqua was busy creating flood, Bolt made a very powerful punch on Aqua and he fell down and got injured.

Bolt came to Aqua and found him exhausted and powerless. Aqua gave up and said, “You won the fight and I lost my powers. I promise that I will never do evil work again”.

Bolt saved the city from flood and continued helping people in the future.

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