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Bappa visits Apeejay Schools in Nerul and Tanda Road

Apeejay Schools in Nerul, Maharashtra and Tanda Road, Jalandhar celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi with devotion and creativity



September comes and brings with it many reasons to smile and rejoice. The clear blue sky with a certain tinge of autumn’s arrival in the air. The festival season also begins this month. With Janmashtami in or near September and then inevitably comes the much awaited Ganesh Chaturthi.

Lord Ganesh is the deity of everything auspicious. When pleased, he blesses his devotees with wisdom, prosperity and removes all obstacles from their lives. It is imperative to seek his blessings before beginning any new task.

Apeejay Schools have always harbored the desire that may no obstacle prevent any student of theirs from getting the highest quality of education. In sync with this thought, the pre-primary wing of Apeejay School, Tanda Road, Jalandhar celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with immense joy and creativity as students immersed in the spirit of this auspicious festival. Students collectively crafted Lord Ganesha’s picture as every class came together to showcase their unique artistic flair.

Nursery students used handprints and leaf impressions to create Lord Ganesha idol. The little artists of LKG on the other hand expressed themselves through ear bud painting. Using sawdust and sparkle dust, the UKG class students brought Lord Ganesha’s image to life with rich texture and sparkle colours.

A beautiful aarti was performed, setting a spiritual ambiance as students and staff sought Lord Ganesha’s blessings together. Students also enjoyed a special screening of the movie ‘Baal Ganesha’, which not only entertained but also educated them about many mythological stories. The celebration concluded with the distribution of prasad which brought a sense of togetherness and piety.

Apeejay School, Nerul students too celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with great pomp and festivity. The school picturesquely displayed the Maharashtrian delight for the festival as the celebrations commenced with a hearty Ganesh stuti, sung in Marathi by the students.  This was followed by a delightful invocation dance- ‘Ganesh Vandana’ to invoke the blessings of the Lord.

A speech on the significance of the festival was delivered by Vedika Pagnis from kindergarten. She emphasized on the importance of celebrating the festival in an eco-friendly festival manner. A delightful Marathi song celebrating the different avatars of Ganesh ji was also sung.

The school has time and again emphasized the need to build a symbiotic relationship between rituals and the environment. Hence, the school again reiterated the need of creating artificial ponds for the Ganesh idol Visarjan and buying or preparing environment-friendly idols.

A skit depicting the life of Ganesha ji was performed by students. The celebrated song ‘O my friend Ganesha’ was sung by the senior kindergarten students. And finally, the much awaited group dance performance on the song ‘Bappa Mourya Re’ left the audience spellbound.

Additionally, a craft activity was organized wherein students made the face of Lord Ganesha by paper cutting, drawing, and pasting activities.

It was a day full with learning, joy and blessings of many kinds. 

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