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Apeejay students showcase creative brilliance at ‘Brand Culture Gully’



Students of Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication (AIMC), Dwarka introduced their indigenous brands in their annual event, ‘Brand Culture Gully,’ which took place recently. This platform provided students with an opportunity to showcase their creativity and marketing skills.

True to its name, ‘Brand Culture Gully (BCG)’ featured a lane (gully) of desi media brands, promoted through innovative marketing techniques. Each team engaged with faculty and attendees through games, activities, and other forms of entertainment. The stalls offered creative engagement activities and food products, all presented in a fun and desi (indigenous) way. Groups marketed these activities through posters, social media, and other mediums, including a flash mob.

The event was inaugurated by veteran media personalities Mr. Pradeep Bagchi and Ms. Sunila Dhar. The guests and faculty were welcomed with a Ganesh Vandana performance followed by a Rajasthani folk dance. As the esteemed guests strolled through the lane, they enjoyed clicking selfies, playing tic-tac-toe, savouring desi delicacies, and dancing to the beats of desi music.

Senior journalist Pradeep Bagchi appreciated, “It has only been a couple of weeks since these students have joined the institute, and if they can do something of this grandeur right now, I am excited to unpack what we can do together as I start taking classes.”

Ms. Sunila Dhar, a senior marketing professional, expressed, “The event has helped me and the students to open up to each other, and I am sure that we can now have a brilliant time together as the course proceeds.” She exclaimed, “What’s a better way to break the ice?”

The event was meticulously organised and managed by the new batch of Corporate Communication and Event Management of AIMC.