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‘Apeejay School International, South Delhi, gives equal emphasis to developing children’s soft skills’

Grade 1 student Yashwardhan Pratap Singh’s father says his son is enjoying online classes very much



Jitendra Pratap Singh, father of Yashwardhan Pratap Singh, did not want his son to be inducted into conventional rote learning. That is when he found out about Apeejay School International South Delhi and enrolled his child there. Jitendra is an Officer (Senior Division), Delhi Judicial Services, currently posted as Metropolitan Magistrate in Saket courts. His wife Seema Dalal is the Presiding Officer, Environment Court, Faridabad, Haryana. In an interview, the father talks about the school’s curriculum, how it is developing children’s personality, and more. Edited excerpts:

Why made you opt for Apeejay School International, South Delhi?

We live at Saket, Delhi, and we were looking for a good International Baccalaureate (IB)school nearby. On searching online, we came to know that Apeejay School International was the only one that was certified till the intermediate level for IB curriculum. So, we visited the school and the discussion we had with the school principal was very fruitful. He was very helpful and explained in detail what the curriculum was all about and how it was different from other education boards in the country. Since it met our needs, we got our child enrolled there.

What is it about the IB curriculum that makes it different from others?

I was determined to not subject my child to rote learning. The IB curriculum on the other hand promotes children’s curiosity about the world around them. Instead of being overburdened with books, they are able to enjoy their childhood at least till the age of 12 or 13. I feel that is very important. Since we have one child and could afford an IB school, we went for it.

Has the school lived up to your expectations?

Let alone online classes, my son did not experience a formal school prior to Apeejay. Since both my wife and I are working parents, he attends the classes on his own. Despite that, he is enjoying the classes very much and learning a lot in the process. He is always very excited about school. Earlier, when the school campus opened for a short while, we found him to be equally enthusiastic. This goes to show that the school has garnered my child’s interest. We are very satisfied with the curriculum, which helps maintain a perfect balance between academics and the personal growth of the students. My son gets proper attention in his classes.

You mentioned how you wanted to steer clear of rote learning. In the case of your son, are the concepts he is learning clear to him?

Absolutely! The curriculum focuses on practical learning, which is helping my son learn so well!

How does the school boost a child’s overall personality?

The school gives equal emphasis to developing children’s soft skills. I am highly impressed with the school assembly, where a class makes a presentation on a particular topic. My son is also a member of the elocution club, where they are encouraged to speak on several topics to develop public speaking skills. There are several other such instances.

Besides preparing for the modern world, does Apeejay also teach children about their culture and heritage?

The school makes great efforts in celebrating festivals, albeit in the virtual mode, encouraging children to participate while teaching them about cultural diversity.

How well do the teachers support working parents?

They are always available for any support or help we need from them. They are quick to respond whenever we raise a query. In fact, we have made some requests at odd hours as well, but they have still paid heed to them.

What are your expectations from the school?

In the current times of rapid and frequent changes, the thing that is of utmost importance for a child is emotional stability to be able to counter the challenges thrown to him or her in their journey. I feel if the school is able to develop that emotional balance, my son will cope with things better. Apeejay is already doing it and I would expect them to be more focused on the emotional quotient (EQ) of children.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.

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