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An insightful interaction with the marketing expert



By Jyoti Singh

Students of Advertising and Marketing Communication, Corporate Communication and Event Management participated in the campus interaction with Mr. Sunil Chhettri, CEO of Trade India.

This insightful session started with a brief introduction of Mr. Sandip Chhettri and how he landed into Trade India. He provided thoughtful details about entrepreneurship and marketing and told us about his vision to provide and enable SMEs in India to go digital.

During the session, he stated that marketing is not as easy as people think. It is one of the most difficult tasks to do. Very interestingly, he used the clip from the song ‘Ae Bhai Zara Dekh Ke Chalo’, just to make us understand the marketing basics. We have been hearing for a long time that ‘Jo Dikhta Hain Who Bikta Hain’, and this is his philosophy of marketing and the key to long-term marketing success.

Further, he touched on very important topics that are a crucial part of marketing, which I would like to mention in points for detailed understanding.

The topic he taught us were:

3V Model

·         Valued Customer

·         Valued Preposition

·         Valued Chain

The Customer Journey

·         From Traditional to Digital

Marketing Funnel

·         Top Order Funnel (Awareness)

·         Middle Order Funnel (Consideration)

·         Bottom Order Funnel (Purchase)

5Ds of Digital

·         Digital Mindset

·         Digital Identity

·         Digital Operation

·         Digital Trust

·         Digital Marketing

He also used the very interesting word ‘Phygital’, which is a combination of physical and digital.

Thereafter, he also shared his thoughts about his campaigns, which he used both emotionally and occasionally. At last, there was a quick question & answer session between Mr. Sandip Chhettri and the participants.

Sharing about her experience, Arya Thakur from Corporate Communication and Event Management said, “It was indeed an insightful session. I got to learn a lot about the world of marketing from Sandip Sir.  Looking forward to more opportunities like this.”

Another student Kriti from Corporate Communication and Event Management said, “The industry interaction with CEO- Trade India.Com was indeed a very insightful session. Mr Sandip Chhetri provided valuable insights on “Marketing in the Digital Age”. I am looking forward to more such sessions.”

Overall, the interaction was a great experience, especially for those who are looking for a career in the digital space. 

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