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An eye for photography



By Neil Singh

Photography means many things to me. It’s an emotion that drives me to capture multiple pictures. The emotion behind photography was best described by the famous photographer, Jacky Wang. He said, “Eye for photography is a lot more valuable than any camera in the world. What photography means to me is — the best way to explore a city, a way to connect with a community of people who appreciate art and beauty like I do.” 

Indeed, photography is a fun activity of capturing precious moments and unforgettable emotions. Photography is something you can enjoy in solitude. It is an art that gets people to gather together and explore and appreciate not just the beauty but also the tiny little things around them. In fact, for me, photography keeps me motivated. It is thrilling! It is something that can push me to wake up at 4 am, wait for 2 hours, just to see and capture a beautiful sunrise. 

I also love it because it’s a perfect blend of technology and art. It’s absolutely necessary to have the basic equipment and understand how lighting and exposure work. Plus, it also takes an artist’s eye to grasp the shots that other people may miss and compose them in a creative way. You need to have patience for the particular shot to naturally develop. You need to have the spontaneity to capture the moment it happens. You require to be persistent to go back to the same location to get that shot right. 

And all of this is enjoyable! I love to share, teach and appreciate other people’s photography. I firmly believe that we do not always need a very expensive camera to take nice photos. An eye for photography is enough and a lot more valuable than any camera in the world.

Photographs captured by Neil Singh