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A pleasant surprise



By Pranjal Tiwari

Once upon a time there were four friends: Rahul, Ram, Shyam and Raju. They were all very close. On the eve of Children’s Day, they were playing in the school’s playground.

Suddenly, Raju’s attention was caught by a small piece of paper lying on the ground. He showed the chit to his friends. When they opened the chit, they were shocked to see that it was a treasure map. The most intriguing aspect was that it was the map of their school. But to their disappointment, it was torn into half.

They noticed that there was a riddle in it. Under which, it was written ‘to get the other half of the map, you need to solve the riddle’

The riddle was: ‘I have a lot of things that children love. Bats, balls and many more.’ They sat together and began to think. But, they were unable to find the answer.

Then, they thought that they should share this with their whole class. One of their classmates said that it might be the sports room. The whole class rushed to the sports room and started searching for the second piece of the riddle. Shyam found it under a football.

Rahul joined the map but could not figure out the next place. Ram then took the map and started running towards the canteen. The whole class started following Ram. As their class entered the canteen, they saw that all the teachers, principal and the students of other classes had already solved the puzzle. They were waiting for their class to enter. The whole class got a surprise from their school on the occasion of Children’s Day. Everyone was overjoyed.