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A good book is a good friend



By Sukhmanjot Kaur Mattu

“Good books enlighten the mind, bad books corrupt the soul.”

-Dr T.P Chia

The importance of reading and appreciating books is emphasised from a very young age. Students are advised that they must read more and inculcate the art of discerning meaning in literature.

Good or bad literature has a long-lasting impact on the psyche of a child. The mind is influenced by the kind of books one is exposed to. One tends to gather values from what they read. They make their own observations and opinions. And these stay with them throughout their lives, influencing their decisions and actions.

Hence, it’s crucial that young minds are provided with good books which help them become valuable members of society. Not just for recreation, these books should help them develop character. Virtues of empathy and sacrifice must be taught to them, and books should inspire and motivate them to achieve great heights.

In my view, books are our companions. They help us deal with loneliness and allow us to learn to enjoy our own company. They are those friends who always stay with us to guide us. Therefore, we should be careful while choosing what we read. Cherish the good ones, hold them close to the heart and absorb every lesson learnt.