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World of Dreams



By Janvi Sharma

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Ambar. She was very lazy and always considered study as a burden. She never liked to shoulder the responsibilities and didn’t even want to do hard work. Her parents were successful and very hardworking. They wanted Ambar to be as successful as them in life, but they were not able to change her. They tried many ways like sending her to the hostel, but still this didn’t affect her even a bit.

One day she slept and had a dream of becoming a doctor. In her dream, she did hardwork and studied a lot and never considered study as a burden but a responsibility. In that dream, Ambaralso saw that she has topped the NEET exam and became a successful doctor. She has achieved a good name and fame in life.

The next day when she woke up, she realised why we should study? Why we should shoulder the responsibilities? And why we should study hard?

After that day, she became an ambivert personality. When Ambar grew up to be an adult, as was in her dream, she became a successful doctor, and in an interview of hers she said, “No one was able to change me but one dream changed my living style.  I would like to agree that some dreams are good or bad, but one good dream can change you and when you dream you are in a different world named ‘World of Dreams’.”