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‘While online classes are good, young students need teachers’ guidance in person’

Tech specialist Nitin Jain, father of Aarohi, a class 2 student at Apeejay Noida, feels there is no substitute for real-time offline interaction



While choosing a school in Noida for her daughter, Aarohi, Nitin Jain, an Associate Director with  DXC Technology, an MNC that provides business-to-business information technology services,  found Apeejay School, Noida among the top 2 in his shortlist.

With everything going digital since the pandemic, the ‘techie’ feels that reliance on electronic devices has become a necessary evil, especially for young learners. While kids have been tied to their homes owing to the various Covid-induced lockdowns, he is of the view that they need exposure and must interact with one another to learn and grow.  

“As I am working from home at the moment, I am able to spend more time with my daughter. I see that the online activities that the school is engaging her in along with virtual classes and additional reading sessions have been going fairly well for her overall development.”

With the dull pandemic days which seem to be overstaying their welcome, he says, “A child misses his/her school and peer-to-peer interaction, and it is always fruitful to have in-person guidance from teachers.”

Asked about the offline classes which have recently commenced at the school, according to him, teachers are covering the syllabus efficiently by making up for the lost sessions over the weekend. 

At present, his daughter Aarohi, who has a knack for drawing and colouring, spends her day following a schedule that includes timely breaks and studying online. “She has her play-time, food and television time on a daily basis and she knows she has to follow it. I encourage her to engage in all activities that drive her curiosity. At such a young age, I feel that children should not be restricted to a single activity.”

Mrini Devnani is a Principal Correspondent and Marketing Coordinator at Newsroom. She covers student achievements, conducts interviews, and contributes content to the website. Previously, she served as a Correspondent specialising in Edu-tech for the India Today Group. Her skill areas extend to Social Media and Digital Marketing. For any inquiries or correspondence, you can reach out to her at [email protected].

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