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‘Teachers of this school are great listeners’

The mother of two students studying at Apeejay School claims that the school has had a positive impact on her kids



When the time comes for a parent to choose the right school for their child, it is very important to have careful planning. Since your child is the future of tomorrow, you must keep all factors in mind before selecting an appropriate one. Such factors involve, looking at the right curriculum, room for extracurricular activities, educators, environment, and more.

Having an appropriate amalgamation of the right curriculum with a room for extracurricular activities is a must. A school that fits this criteria is Apeejay School with its five decades of educational legacy. Therefore, it is not surprising that parents like Neetu Mittal chose Apeejay School, Charkhi Dadri for her kids — Manit and Gauransh Mittal studying in Class V and IX respectively.

In a candid interview, the mother highlights how the school has helped her children learn leadership and social skills and how to communicate well.

What made you choose this school?

The primary reason for choosing this school was its proximity to where we stay. I didn’t want a school that was far; I wanted a school with a shorter commute. Apeejay School boasts a good reputation for its well-rounded education which is why most of the kids of Charkhi Dadri are studying here.

How has been the experience of your children in this school so far?

My children’s experience at this school has been extremely positive. They love going to school. The school’s diverse curriculum contributes to its overall satisfaction. The positive attitude also reflects the success of the institute creating a nurturing environment along with offering a learning atmosphere.

Are they involved in extracurricular activities?

Yes. My elder son, Gauransh is very active with chess. Since Manit is still young, he only participates in cultural and annual functions at school such as theatres and plays.

Change in their behaviour ever since they joined the school.

My children have exhibited notable positive changes by showing immense growth and development with each passing day. Over time, they have become more confident, and socially adept. They are always curious to learn new things taught at school.

How do you encourage your children to study at home?

Since both my kids are very obedient, I don’t face hard times or hardships in making them sit and study forcefully. They very well know the importance of studying. I just take care of their timetable, helping them manage time according to different subjects.

How do you spend quality time with them?

Spending quality time with my kids encompasses a range of variety of activities such as talking, playing together, discussing school adventures, and many more. Such moments significantly contribute to building a strong bond into cherished connections with my kids.

What do you appreciate the most about this school?

One thing that I adore the most about this school is its teachers. They have been highly consistent in demonstrating excellence in their particular roles. Professionalism and commitment induce positive learning experiences which marks a proactive approach to the well-being of a child.

Are PTMs held regularly?

Yes. Usually, PTMs are held every month and I attend each one of them. The teachers are great; they not only provide feedback about my children but are all ears if I wish to address any particular issue with them. The teachers play an important role in creating a conducive learning atmosphere.

Abhilasha Munjal is a Senior Correspondent with Apeejay Newsroom. She has completed her Bachelor's degree in English from Delhi University. Abhilasha holds vivid knowledge about content and has predominantly covered local as well as trending stories in the digital media.

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