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Short story: The princess destined for evil



By Samaira Mulchandani

There was a horrified expression on Evelyn’s face when the Sorceress warned her, ‘Princess Evelyn, you are cursed with a fearful destiny.’

It was her eleventh birthday. Princess Evelyn-Avec-Un-Coeur-Pur was the youngest princess of the Magical Kingdom of Régalienne. She had always wanted to be a kind and humble princess.

‘It’s still the same story.’ she thought, ‘I am just supposed to play a different part.’ A tear fell on her hand and she was left with fragile hope.

The Sorceress closed her book and turned around. She gave her a stick and a book.

‘Is there… Is there any way my destiny can be changed?’ she asked.

‘I am afraid that there is nothing that I can do,’ frowned the Sorceress. She pointed towards the stick. ‘The time when the evil power in you will be the strongest, hit this stick as hard as you can and it will turn into your sceptre.’

Evelyn sighed and returned to her room. She felt like a failure. The next day, as she went to school. Some students snickered while one of her friends, Laura, jumped on one of the tables.

‘Look out! Here comes Evil-inn, a terrifying evil princess. She is about to turn everyone here into her army,’ said Laura. Evelyn took a deep breath. It was bad enough that everyone knew about her destiny of evil.

For the first time, rage rose in her. She no longer cared of being the kind princess. All she wanted now was to scare Laura and take pleasure in it. She grabbed her stick and banged it so hard that a bright light escaped from it. The stick turned into a wand.

‘Stop!’ said Laura, ‘I was just making fun of you.’


‘I know. Please. I am sorry.’ said Laura.

That evening, Evelyn thought hard. Her powers had made her feel so strong. Perhaps, her evil powers were not that bad. But, one thought horrified her. It dawned on her that she was a curse on her kingdom and her family. She had only one choice now. She packed her wand and book into a bag and ran away. Her family was no longer cursed by her. She ran deep into the forest and built a cottage. Throughout the night, she could not sleep for all she had now were memories, a wand and the book that the Sorceress gave her.

The first thing she heard the next morning was an annoying voice:

‘Good Morning Assistant!’ She jumped out of the bed and screamed as she saw her wand dancing and talking.

‘You can talk!’

‘Of course I can, what about you?’

‘I just talked!’

‘Well, so did I. But did that stop you from asking that question?….No! So, assistant…’

‘I thought that you’re the assistant.’

‘I am the Stick. Well, you want to be a more important part of the group. Hmmmm. How about Partner? So, what is on today’s schedule?’

‘I am going to the library.’

‘What! I thought we were about to do something like playing pranks? Also, is there trouble time in the schedule’


‘You know…Like play time’



As Evelyn reached the library, she rushed towards the section about History. She opened the book and turned the pages. She was shocked to see that the Sorceress who had cursed the kingdom was the same as the one who gave her that book. She continued reading but a page had been torn from the book. Evelyn glared and grabbed the stick.

‘This Kingdom is full of bullies that have too much power. I feel that it is now time I go back to my kingdom,’ she thought. ‘So all of the powers will be mine’ smirked the Evil-inn in Evelyn. ‘Do as I tell you to, you cannot leave the Evil in you.’

As she battled with the negative thoughts. She tried to convince herself about who she really was and soon realised that it was the fight between the evil and the good inside her. She knew that her destiny was going to conquer evil. She would soon rise above the rage.

‘I am Evelyn. My destiny is not evil’, she told herself. ‘In my story, I may not fight an evil Sorceress and save the day but I will fight the anger in me. I am a regular girl with regular dreams but what makes me powerful is my ability to channelise my anger.’ She decided to return to her family and use the stick’s powers for good.

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