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Science game zone- A joyful learning experience 



By: Arjun Sharma

Apeejay School International, South Delhi recently organised the science game zone at the school premises. The event was attended by the students from Primary Years Programme to Diploma Programme.

The exhibition was so enthralling and students had an enjoyable experience. Everyone came up with different and unique game ideas, which included science charades, word wall, science dart games and jigsaw puzzles and more.

The gamification of studies made the event entertaining and lively to learn. Higher-class students organised the games and added rewards as well as gifts to make the younger pupils more excited and thrilled.  

I had a lot of fun while hosting stalls and playing different games like science ludo, science monopoly, science board and science quiz. Every game had an authenticity to it which just made almost all the concepts more relevant and fun. It was a very nice way of learning new concepts of Physics.