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Scholar-Journalist of the Week: Chandrayaan-3 lands on Moon’s South Pole

This week’s winner, Vridhi Gupta says, “I dream of becoming an astronaut”



Vridhi Gupta, a bright and ambitious class VIII student at Apeejay School, Tanda Road in Jalandhar possesses a fervent passion for the cosmos that sets her apart. With her sights set on the stars, she aspires to become an astronaut, harboring an unwavering dream of venturing into the vast expanse of space.

Her insatiable curiosity and ardent desire to unravel the mysteries of the universe fuel her journey as a passionate learner, propelling her to seek out every tidbit of knowledge about the celestial realms. Beyond her cosmic aspirations, Vridhi demonstrates exceptional academic prowess, standing as a testament to her dedication and determination to make a significant mark in her chosen path. Her stellar achievements thus far only hint at the extraordinary heights she is destined to reach.

Read on to know more about her…

Tell us more about your interests/hobbies.

I enjoy studying my subjects like Mathematics and Science.

How was your experience of witnessing the Chandrayaan-3’s landing on the Moon?

It was a big moment for the country. While watching it on the television with my family, I felt excited and proud. Later, I discussed it with my friends too. Then, I decided to take up the theme for a Scholar-Journalist write-up.

What does such a historic milestone mean for a student like you?

It is surely inspiring! More so, because it is about achieving something that no other country in the world has achieved. I felt truly happy.

Your career goal?

Iwish to become an astronaut. That’s all I have dreamt about since my childhood.

Any mind-boggling facts about space you would like to share?

Space is incredibly vast. It encompasses everything that exists, including galaxies, stars, planets, asteroids, and more. The observable universe alone is estimated to be about 93 billion light-years in diametre. This means that the light we receive from the farthest known objects in the universe has taken nearly 93 billion years to reach us.

Moreover, scientists are still scanning the skies for signals that could potentially be indicative of intelligent extraterrestrial beings. That’s extremely intriguing for me!

Your role model?

The Indian-American astronaut and aerospace engineer, Kalpana Chawla inspires me. I admire her dedication and commitment. 

Any writing tips for fellow classmates?

If you want to write on a theme, try to find out more about it. Once that is in place, pen it down by adding your thoughts.

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