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CBSE Class 12 Result 2024: Students of Apeejay School, Pitampura shine bright 

The toppers galore with sky touching percentages across all streams and credit the school for being a pillar of support



CBSE Board exams can rightly be said to be the first test of one’s adult life. An entire year of hard work, commitment and knowledge is tested in a month and this exam goes on to determine the next possible career steps of the student. 

Apeejay School, Pitampura knows the importance of the CBSE Board exams and hence, prepares every aspirant well in advance. It is hence, no surprise, that the school achieved a superb result this year too. 

‘Teachers have been constant pillar of strength’

Jahnavi Bansal emerged as the school topper with an incredible 99.2%. Speaking about the secret to her performance, the Commerce with Math student mentioned,”Having the concepts on my fingertips is the key to a great result. I studied the NCERT textbooks in-depth and was solid in my preparation.”

The topper thanked the school and all her teachers for being a constant pillar of strength and shared some insightful advice on managing exam stress. She stated, “I did get stressed at certain moments of the year but I knew that once I am prepared well, then there is no stopping me. So, the take away lesson is that good preparation takes away the fear and adds confidence. Also, take the Board exams as an opportunity to learn not as a challenge. If you have clear concepts, it will also help you in the CUET exam.” The topper aims to pursue Economics from Delhi University. 

‘Devoted my free time to practice Math’

Shubham A Kulkarni emerged as the Science topper with a superb 98.4%. The medicine with mathematics student mentioned that after giving the first session of the JEE exam, he shifted his focus entirely towards the CBSE Board exams.

 He said, “The school teachers posted lots of study material at the school student portals. They encouraged us, supported us and prepared us well for the Board Practical exams.” Speaking about his preparation strategy he mentioned, “I was strong in Physics and Chemistry and scored 100 in both. But Math was a bit tough for me. So, I devoted all my free time towards working on it.”

‘Focused on understanding concepts’ 

Pavani Chourasia became the Humanities topper with a brilliant 95.8%. The arts topper stated, “NCERT is the Bible for every class 12 student. I read it thoroughly, made detailed notes and focused on understanding concepts ahead of rote learning.”

The humanities topper wishes to pursue History in Delhi University. She said, “I love History and find it fairly easy as this is my interest area. I aim to pursue civil services in the future.” The would-be aspirant credits her school for her performance. She mentioned, “The school faculty is amazing. I would like to thank all my teachers. I sent them doubts and questions, sometimes even at odd hours but they always responded promptly and encouraged me every time.”

Giving advice to the next batch of students Pavani mentions,  “Exam stress can be harnessed. Just do your best and realise that marks are not in your hands. So cultivate the belief in hard work. ”

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