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Race to the top: It’s time to root for healthy competition



By Mekhla Dhar

It’s the 21st century. Things have progressed by leaps and bounds since the last few decades, whether we talk about technology, fashion, food, architecture, or medicine; we are constantly incorporating rapid changes in our lifestyles. But one thing that’s growing at an alarming pace is the population, which in turn gives rise to competition.

Yes, competition is something that has kept us occupied since a very young age. Competition to make the best painting, to run the fastest, to score the highest, to look the smartest, and what not. Since early childhood, we are made to understand a simple theory by scientist Charles Darwin, “Survival of the fittest”.

Competition is a means to keep us on our toes, so that we are not left behind in the race to get to the top. However, having said that, it becomes essential to ensure that children are involved in only healthy competition and in no way try to ridicule the person who loses.

Healthy competition doesn’t differentiate between winners and losers. In fact, what it does is telling us where we stand and how much do we need to improve to reach the pinnacle one day, if not tomorrow.

At the same time, competition with ourselves helps us realise if we are taking the right path to reach this destination of ours. A healthy competition helps us carve a spot for us in a world of millions of people walking down the same path as us. For all that it is worth, healthy competition throws light on our identities in the middle of the shadow of anonymity.

Those who’ve lost today must not be made to feel bad, instead they must be encouraged to learn from their mistakes and perform better in future. It is important that they know that their efforts count and this loss will only make the final victory taste all the more, sweeter.