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Organisations today are commonly using gen AI

Respondents across regions, age, and seniority levels say they are already using generative AI tools



It’s amazing how quickly the conversation around generative Artificial Intelligence (gen AI) has evolved. Just a few months ago, the conversation was pretty rudimentary, focused on trying to understand what it was and seeing what was hype versus what was reality. Now in just about six months, business leaders are having much more sophisticated conversations.

The next question will be how companies will take the next step, and whether generative AI will follow the same pattern we observed with AI more generally, where adoption has plateaued at around the 50 per cent mark.

According the latest McKinsey Global Survey on the present state of AI, organisations are now commonly using gen AI. One-third of all respondents say their organisations are already regularly using generative AI in at least one function — meaning that 60 per cent of organisations with reported AI adoption are using gen AI.

Asia-Pacific Developing Markets: Six per cent of respondents reported regularly using generative AI tools for work, while 22 per cent used them both for work and outside of work. Additionally, 13 per cent reported using these tools exclusively outside of work, while 38 per cent had tried them at least once. Notably, 19 per cent of respondents indicated no exposure to generative AI tools.

Europe: Five per cent reported regularly using these tools for work, while 11 per cent utilised them for both work-related and personal tasks. Additionally, 16 per cent of respondents reported regular usage exclusively outside of their professional responsibilities. A substantial 47 per cent had at least experimented with generative AI tools.

North America: Seven per cent reported regularly using AI tools for work; 16 per cent regularly use for work and outside of work; 18 per cent regularly use outside of work; 41 per cent have tried at least once. However, 14 per cent had no exposure to AI tools.

McKinsey Survey Report 2023

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