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‘No fixed study hours, mother advised to focus on quality over quantity’: says CBSE class 12 topper

CBSE class 12 toppers from Apeejay School Nerul share how they maintained a balance between exam preparation and leisure



There is a difference between reading motivational quotes and speeches and actually applying the philosophy in one’s life. Apeejay Nerul class 12 student Atharv Tapade is among the latter. His mantra? “I believe in one philosophy, ‘Follow the process and the results will follow you’. I wrote this down on a piece of paper and reminded myself about it every day. So, I followed the process and started enjoying it without worrying about the results. It is, in fact, results that put pressure on us,” says the student who scored 97.2.

Talking about his preparation process, the Commerce student says he religiously followed his study timetable. I started preparing from the very beginning of class 12. So, in fact, I had the total year to prepare for my board exam. “As and when the exam got closer, I began solving test papers. Teachers also helped by providing sample test papers.”

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School topper Ansh D Agrawal with 97.6 per cent kept his schedule quite relaxed. “I actually spent a lot of time relaxing,” he laughs. “In fact, if I calculate the average number of hours I studied the entire year, it would be just an hour a day.”

So, what worked in his favour? Ansh says, “I think I perhaps studied less than many other students, but I managed to score well because I understood the core concepts. For subjects like Business Studies and Economics, I used flashcards which are great for active recall and help memorise facts better. Accountancy and Maths, on the other hand, required consistent practice.”

Both Ansh and Atharva are aiming for Chartered Accountancy and BCom. So is Tanaya Viky Kate, who scored 97.4. Like Ansh, Tanaya maintained a good balance between her exam preparation and leisure. “I had plenty of time to pursue my hobbies along with my preparation. I never focused on the number of hours because my mother always advised me to focus on quality over quantity. My mother never forced me to study because she trusts my ability and dedication. My grandfather, on the other hand, kept pushing me to study. Again, my father was completely chilled out (laughs); he is happy with whatever I do. Overall, there is a good balance at home, which in itself is motivating.”

Atharv’s family also supported him very well. “My mother would wake up in the morning before me to make my coffee. My father took regular updates about my preparation. My elder sister also gave me tips on how to study…I also took good care of my mental health.”

“Our students have worked tirelessly to achieve this success and I am so proud of them. I congratulate all the students and their parents for such a remarkable achievement, despite the difficulties brought by the pandemic. I also credit all the teaching and non-teaching staff for putting in the hard work.”


Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.