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NEP 2020: UGC initiates programme to train 15 lakh higher education teachers



According to news sources, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has initiated a capacity-building programme aimed at fostering the comprehensive growth of 1.5 million higher education instructors. This programme also seeks to instill ethical values in line with the objectives outlined in the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020.

As part of the UGC’s Malaviya Mission-Teacher Training initiative, 111 institutes have been designated as Malaviya Mission Teacher Training Centres (MMTTC) across India.

An official from the UGC stated, “These institutes will be responsible for training teachers. Some of the programmes will be conducted in-person, while others will be held online. Our goal is to complete the training of all 1.5 million higher education teachers within the next two to three years.”

The primary objective is to enhance the quality of education across all levels by embedding excellence in teaching and teachers. Furthermore, the launch of this mission was announced on Teachers’ Day last week.

Additionally, this step proposes to foster the well-rounded development of both teachers and learners by instilling ethical values rooted in Indian culture. It also seeks to cultivate multidisciplinary thinking and critical reasoning skills in them, as mentioned by the UGC official.