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‘My child improved a lot in just one month of school, thanks to Apeejay teachers’

Anubhav Tihar, whose daughter is studying in Apeejay International Greater Noida, says the class teacher helped a lot in making her feel comfortable in a new school environment



Anubhav Tihar enrolled daughter Anusha in Apeejay International Greater Noida this year in Nursery. While her journey at Apeejay has just begun, the father says he is already seeing a lot of development in his daughter’s personality. In an interview, Anubhav, R&D engineer staff, Synopsys, gives us the deets on his experience with the school. Edited excerpts:

What were your criteria for picking a school? What made you opt for Apeejay International Greater Noida?

I explored many schools in Greater Noida, but Apeejay was the one we finally chose. The factor I was primarily concerned about was that the school should not have too many students. Second, I did not want too much of an academic burden on my child, at least in the initial classes. Besides, I had already heard positive feedback about the school from my colleagues whose children are enrolled there.

Has Anusha adjusted to the school environment?

Anusha was enrolled this year in Nursery. She attended offline classes for a month after which she fell sick and could not go to school. Later, their summer vacation also began. In the first week of school, Anusha was a little hesitant since it was a completely new environment, but she gradually settled in. Her teacher helped a lot in making her feel comfortable in class.

Are the teachers helpful?

The teachers are very cooperative, and we have never faced any issues. We contact them in case we have any queries, and they promptly respond.  

Although Anusha has just been to school for a month, have you seen any progress in your daughter?

I will give you an example. A month before Anusha’s classes started, we took her to a doctor. I remember how she got restless at the clinic—she refused to sit or listen to the doctor. Recently, we again took her to the doctor but this time I noticed a significant change in her behaviour. She sat quietly and responded to the doctor’s questions and followed all instructions. Apeejay must be teaching them the right values and etiquette, which may have brought about this improvement.

Did she participate in co-curricular activities?

Yes, she made a trip to Kidzania with the school where they participated in various activities. I also enrolled her in a nearby summer camp recently. At the summer camp, she showed a lot of interest in dance, which may have been developed in the school itself. We had not seen such traits in Anusha before she joined Apeejay.

What are your expectations from the school?

The immediate goal is to help her improve her communication skills. I would like to see her speak in compact sentences soon. Otherwise, her progress in reading and writing is quite good.

Disha Roy Choudhury is a Principal Correspondent at Apeejay Newsroom. She has worked as a journalist at different media organisations. She is also passionate about music and has participated in reality shows.