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India’s top achievements: How many did you know?



By Riddhi Kapoor

India recently commemorated 75 years of its independence from British rule. In these years, our motto has been to perform every deed for the nation. Many have lived and died by this motto.

As a country, we have come together in these years to work with constant devotion and dedication, envisioning to take India forward. There is a spirit of growth and development in every Indian today. So, let’s look at some achievements we must be proud of as we promise to take this legacy forward:

  • Indian Space Research Organisation’s Mangalyaan mission made India the first country in the world to reach Mars in its first attempt.
  • In April 2007, India entered the trillion-dollar economy.
  • India has won all 5 men’s Kabaddi World Cups held till now and have been undefeated throughout these tournaments.
  • India exports software to over 90 countries.
  • Heena Sidhu is the first Indian pistol shooter to be ranked World No. 1 on 7th April 2014.
  • Indian army constructed the highest-ever bridge in the world known as the ‘Bailey Bridge’ in 1982 to connect Ladakh Valley and river Daras.
  • Led by Dr Verghese Kurien, the White Revolution wa launched in 1970 that transformed India into the world’s largest producer of milk and dairy products.
  • Chandrayaan, India’s first lunar probe, reached the moon on November 14, 2008. This made us the only fourth country to have a flag on the moon. 
  • India has the tenth largest gold reserves in its banks in the world.
  • India reduced its out of school children by over 90 per cent and achieved universal primary education in 2015.
  • Reyansh Surani created history after becoming the youngest certified yoga instructor in the world.
  • India is the second largest troop contributor to the United Nations’ Peace-Keeping mission.
  • In less than a year, India has crossed the milestone of administering over 100 crore doses of Covid-19 vaccine and held the world’s largest vaccination drive in history.
  • Today, India is largely self-sufficient in terms of food production and even exports of various food grains.

And, we have several other reasons to be proud of. Currently, the world looks up to the miracle called ‘India’ that is home to the biggest vibrant democracy. I would like to end with the saying:

“Freedom is in our minds,

Faith is in our words,

Pride is in our souls.

So, let’s salute our nation!”