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G20 Declaration: Members commit to inclusive, equitable, high-quality education



In line with its predecessors, the G20 Declaration released recently has reaffirmed the members’ dedication to providing “inclusive, equitable, and high-quality” education. Additionally, it took a significant step forward by advocating for the integration of technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance and ensure the accessibility of education, particularly in remote or underserved areas.

“We emphasise our commitment to leveraging digital technologies to bridge the digital divide for all learners. We offer our support to educational institutions and educators, empowering them to stay abreast of emerging trends and technological advancements, including the integration of AI,” stated the declaration.

The declaration underscored the critical importance of fostering lifelong learning opportunities focused on acquiring new skills, retraining, and upgrading existing skill sets, with a special emphasis on supporting vulnerable groups.

Previous declarations have consistently affirmed member nations’ dedication to ensuring education that is inclusive, equitable, and supports lifelong learning, particularly for marginalised communities. They have recognised the pivotal role that blended learning methods have played during the pandemic.