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First Partners: Navigating the Landscape of Strategic Communications



As a content creator, you understand the power of effective communication. Today, let’s delve into the fascinating world of First Partners, a leading corporate communications and public affairs consultancy firm in India. Buckle up as we explore their journey, their influential founding members, their impactful campaigns, and their impressive accolades.

The Genesis: Atul Ahluwalia and Dilip Yadav

First Partners emerged from the vision and collaboration of two seasoned public relations industry veterans Atul Ahluwalia, who has over 25 years of experience in public relations and communications, and Dilip Yadav, another founding partner, who boasts more than 22 years of experience in the PR industry.

The First Partners Journey

Some of the key aspects of First Partners include:

1. Corporate Communications and Public Affairs:

First Partners offers a full range of services, including:
Narrative development
Media relations
Digital PR

Their eventual goal? Enhancing corporate reputation and protecting shareholder value.

2. Public Affairs and Advocacy:

-Unique interventions that leverage data and innovation.
-First Partners helps brands and institutions:
    Rally stakeholders critical to success.
    Win public support on complex issues.
    Manage effective public affairs campaigns.

3. C-Suite Advisory and Communication Coaching:

First Partners positions itself as the first port of call for CEOs.

They enhance outreach initiatives to drive business results and make a larger impact.

The Experts Behind First Partners

The founding partners are the backbone of this dynamic firm:

Atul Ahluwalia

Dilip Yadav

Santanu Gogoi

Nitin Yadav

Richa Gopal S

Param Shobhit

Vidushi Khera

Soumalya Santikari

What Sets First Partners Apart?

Here’s why First Partners shines:

Experience and Expertise:

Over 100 years of combined experience in corporate communications and advocacy.

Their hands-on approach to handling complex assignments sets them apart.

Business Outcome Communication Model:

First Partners aligns communication strategies with business goals.

Their strategic corporate and public affairs interventions drive tangible results.

Innovation in Communication:

They lead the way in fostering innovation within the communication landscape in India.

Awards and Recognition:

First Partners is the most awarded communications and PR consultancy firm in India.

Delivery Mechanism:

An elevated delivery mechanism integrates insights, advocacy, brand management, and technological changes.

Noteworthy Campaigns and Affiliations

Let’s explore some highlights:

Client Base:

First Partners serves a diverse clientele, including multinational brands, large Indian corporations, government entities, industry associations, non-profits, and startups.

Their offices are strategically located in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata, supplemented by an efficient execution delivery network spanning 31 cities in India.

Global Affiliation:

First Partners is the India affiliate of SEC Newgate Group, a global strategic communications and advocacy group headquartered in Milan, Italy.

SEC Newgate Group is ranked 21st in the world according to PRovoke’s 2023 Top 250 rankings and was named the Global Agency of the Year for Corporate/Public Affairs by PRovoke Media Global Sabre Awards.

SEC Newgate: A Global Strategic Communications Group

The SEC Newgate Group is a dynamic and experienced global consultancy that specialises in strategic communication and advocacy. Let’s delve into their story and explore their recent collaboration with First Partners in India.

The SEC Newgate Story

The journey of SEC Newgate began 30 years ago. Over time, they have built a unique consultancy group that blends dynamism and experience. Today, SEC Newgate ranks among the top 30 global insight and research-driven strategic communication and advocacy consultancies1. Their commitment to excellence and innovation has propelled them to the forefront of the industry.

Foundations and Purpose

The brand name “SEC” stands for Societas Europaea ad Communicationes, reflecting their European roots. Their purpose was clear: to establish a PR agency rooted in European foundations, drawing inspiration from the ideas of two influential thinkers—Aristotle and Cicero2. These foundations emphasize the importance of effective communication, insights, and research.

Global Footprint

SEC Newgate operates across five continents, providing around-the-clock counsel and support to clients worldwide. Their seamless operations span diverse regions, making them a truly global force in strategic communication and advocacy3.

First Partners Joins SEC Newgate

On February 8, 2024, First Partners, a leading Indian corporate communications and public affairs consultancy, officially became the India affiliate partner of SEC Newgate Group4. This strategic collaboration aligns with India’s emergence as a major economic destination for global corporations.

Celebrating Success: Awards Won

First Partners is a renowned communications and PR consultancy firm in India. Here are some of their notable awards and recognitions:

Global Agency of the Year 2023 for Corporate/Public Affairs: First Partners was honored with this prestigious award by PRovoke Media Global Sabre Awards1. It recognizes their excellence in corporate and public affairs communication.

Fulcrum Awards 2019: First Partners won an impressive 10 trophies at the Fulcrum Awards in 2019. Remarkably, they achieved this feat within just 3 years of their existence, making them the youngest firm to join the elite club of the most awarded PR firms at the event2.

IPRCCA 2021: First Partners also secured the maximum number of awards at the IPRCCA (Indian PR and Corporate Communications Awards) in 20213. Their outstanding work and contributions to the industry were recognized.

100 Most Important PR Professionals of 2021: The founders of First Partners, Atul Ahluwalia and Dilip Yadav, were adjudged among the 100 most important PR professionals in 20213. Their expertise and impact on the field were acknowledged.

Top 25 PR Agencies of 2021: First Partners was listed among the top 25 PR agencies in India in 2021, further highlighting their influence and success3.


First Partners continues to drive impactful communication strategies, build positive relationships, and achieve business goals for their clients. Whether it’s navigating complex issues or enhancing corporate reputation, they’re at the forefront of India’s communication landscape. If you’re looking for a partner to amplify your brand’s voice, First Partners is the name to remember