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‘Everyone at the school recognises us as Breonna’s parents!’

Apeejay student’s mother speaks about her child’s progress as well as highlights how the school values and acts upon all her suggestions



Mrs. Deepmala Mukherjee is the proud mother of Breonna, a class 1 student of Apeejay School, Faridabad Sector 15. Breonna is a wonder kid, who has won the hearts of her classmates and teachers alike, and the mother says, “Everyone in the school compliments her for being such a lovely child during the monthly PTMs”. 

In a quick parent interview, Mrs Deepmala explains how the school provides the perfect space for her daughter to bloom and why she loves the school so much.  

Read edited excerpts:

Are you happy after enrolling your child in Apeejay School, Faridabad Sector 15?

Yes, we are very happy. We have been observing the Apeejay Education Society from our era. It is a very reputed brand. It is also into universities and colleges now. So my child is an organisation that has a legacy in education. This will make my child grow so much.

Excellent! So what progress have you observed in Breonna since the past year?

She was always very extroverted and skilled in extracurricular and sports. She is an excellent child. This is the feedback I always receive from the headmistress. 

How lovely! What subjects does she like?

English, Maths, Hindi, GK, basically she is fond of everything. She loves all teachers and all the teachers love her back. Whenever we visit the school for a PTM, all the teachers recognise us as Breonna’s parents as well as compliments us for having such a wonderful child. It makes us very proud!

Are the teachers doing justice to their work?

Cent per cent! I would like to thank them all for their rich contribution. From Paridhi ma’am, Seema ma’am, the nursery and kindergarten class teachers to Aarti Puri, Aarti Verma ma’am, Shanti ma’am, Purnima and Ritu ma’am, the headmistress, everyone has encouraged my child so much. 

Breonna is an extracurriculars champ right?

She loves all the activities. She has been enrolled for dance currently. She is learning jazz and other western dance forms. She is very cheerful and outgoing by nature and has made lots of friends in her class. Navya., Kadambari, Avyaan, Trisha, Drisha, Maira, Aditri, Devansh, Pranshu, the list of names is a long one (laughs)

Clearly, she loves going to school?

Yes! She has never been a cranky child. She loves going to school every morning. She is very happy there and loves her friends.  

Lastly, any recent developments you would like to share with us?

Breonna is reading complete passages confidently now. She reads fluently in English and Hindi by herself. At our time we were not able to do this at such a young age. Addition and subtraction are also easily doable for her.

Also, the feedback we give to school, they take it very constructively. We spoke to the Principal regarding swimming pool activities for the kids and the splash pool was initiated. It is now a big hit among all students. 

The school truly values our feedback and takes care of our children in the best possible way. The classes are divided in smaller batches and the teachers give individual attention to all the students.

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