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Aspirations of becoming a Prime Minister  



By: Preksha Bansal

By 2035, I will be 24 years old; old enough to work as an independent individual. I would like to start by mastering the arts of sculpting, writing, and choreography. After that, I will pursue my dream of becoming the Prime Minister of India. Shree Lal Bahadur Shastri has always been an idol for me. Before diving deep into politics, I plan to kickstart my political career through social work. Opening my own animal shelter has always been a top priority on my bucket list. Rescuing voiceless and helpless creatures has been my passion since childhood. My father once told me that there are two paths to becoming the Honourable PM of India: cracking the IAS exams or through social work. Social work has always been my choice.

Growing up in a neighbourhood full of influential people has given me opportunities. I am also
well-connected with a non-profit organisation called the ECO CLUB in my housing society, which has provided me with significant exposure to the field. After successfully establishing my own animal shelter, I expect to meet many people, expanding my network. This will allow me to connect with more like-minded individuals, creating a chain or network between us. Subsequently, if many people believe I am a suitable candidate to represent them, I might have the chance to secure a local government position. As I mentioned earlier, social work is my chosen path. I will work for the welfare of the people, combining my keen interest in politics with practical solutions. I am confident that people will find me worthy of a higher post.

Following that, I will use my skills in teamwork, leadership, and an optimistic mindset to gather individuals who share my passion for working for the welfare of the people. If I continue progressing at this pace, I may attract the attention of India’s central government, which might see me as a suitable candidate for the position of Chief Minister of my state. Such an opportunity would be invaluable. I can guarantee that I will not disappoint anyone and will work diligently to reform the system.

After dedicating myself and making consistent efforts, I can aspire to become the Prime Minister of our country. Then, an era of hard work will commence, aiming to transform our country from ‘developing’ to ‘developed.’ My focus will not only be on increasing the literacy rate but also on promoting the value of our mother tongue, Hindi. Putting an end to animal cruelty will be one of my top priorities. I will also work towards completely eradicating child labour and human trafficking, along with other illegal practices.

I will establish a minimum wage and appoint sincere individuals to ensure that no one is discriminated against or treated as an outcast for their occupation. Every individual, from a sweeper to a businessperson, will receive equal treatment, and discrimination on this basis will be deemed a punishable offense. Additionally, I will ensure that no politician under my leadership commits any such crimes or exploits their prestigious position.

Improving infrastructure will be a top priority. Roads will be properly maintained, green spaces will be established where needed, and special facilities for stray animals will be constructed. These promises will not just be lip service but will be guaranteed. I often hear my parents complaining about how inflation affects middle-class families; I will also work to find effective solutions to address this issue and boost our country’s economy.

Not all of these responsibilities fall under the purview of the Prime Minister, but the responsibility of appointing the right people does. Hence, I am and will remain fully aware of my responsibilities. Lastly, I will ensure that taxpayers’ money is never misused or wasted. Agriculture will not be neglected either. No nation is without its problems, and it’s impossible to create a perfect nation, but every effort counts. Therefore, I am determined to make a difference if I were to become the Prime Minister.