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Artificial Intelligence

80% of Indian professionals anticipate AI’s impact on work: Report



Roughly 80 per cent of Indian professionals foresee substantial changes in their work dynamics due to Artificial Intelligence (AI), with eight out of 10 believing that their jobs will undergo ‘significant’ transformations in the coming year as a direct result of AI, states a recent report.

LinkedIn, the professional networking platform, notes that while AI has induced a degree of uncertainty, with 60 per cent of professionals feeling inundated and 39 per cent expressing concerns about staying abreast of rapid AI advancements in the workplace, the majority in India are open to embracing this transition.

A substantial 70 per cent of professionals express a desire to expand their knowledge of AI, even if they lack a clear starting point. Remarkably, 68 per cent currently incorporates generative AI into their roles, and half of them have experimented with AI tools such as ChatGPT. The report highlights that millennials lead the way in ChatGPT usage at 54 per cent, followed closely by Gen Z professionals at 46 per cent.