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‘Your school as a community will always stay with you’

Siimran K Juneja, Apeejay Pitampura alumnus recounts how she overcame stage fear during her school days



Siimran K Juneja is the content lead at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). She is an alumnus of 2015 batch from Apeejay School, Pitampura. In an engaging interview, Juneja gives life lessons to young students and reminds them to make the best of each day at school. Edited excerpts:

Please tell our readers about your current work profile?

Well, TCS as a brand is very elaborate. We have various business units and I am the content lead in one of those units. My work is majorly handling the internal as well as leadership communications for my particular business unit. I am also doing some part of the business strategy and marketing. It is a diverse role which helps to build the company’s branding, communication, marketing and strategy skills alongside contributing to the business side. 

What inspired you to become a media person?

The inspiration came from one of my teachers in school, Taruna Narula ma’am. She was in Apeejay Pitampura for a very short term. She was teaching us Media and Mass Communication in class 11 and 12. My interest developed in content creation due to Savita ma’am. She was a very strict teacher who would drill us in class.  She would give us very low marks in the exams but in the parent teachers meeting she would always tell my mother that I would get 95 % in board exams and I actually got the same. She helped me improve my writing skills and understand that this is an area where I can grow. 

So what are some of those best memories from your school days?

Every day in school is now a fond memory. Fourteen years in the school have been a great journey – a big part of my life. My brother is still in school. So, I always tell him to make the best of each day. These are the days which are the sweetest and will never come back again. I have many special memories: the most special memory from school days is sitting with our Principal Dr. D K Bedi in his office and discussing Political Science with him. Pravin ma’am, our Political Science teacher would take us for a discussion to sir. I can never forget how interested and enthusiastic sir became while discussing different topics from this subject, talking about Indian government and politics with us. At the end of the discussion, he would give us a ‘Munch’ chocolate. That was like the biggest reward for us.

Also, I was a very stage conscious person. I could not even step on the stage till class 10. In class 10, however, I was in the activity club and so, I had to take part in a street play. I remember Bharti ma’am just told me that there was no other option, I just had to perform and be a part of the activity. So, I went ahead and performed on the stage. I enjoyed it so much that I simply couldn’t get off the stage. This was an on the spot Nukkad Natak in an inter house competition. After this, I became a frequent stage performer in class 11 and 12. My classmates would often tease me that I could remain on the stage the entire day.

Also, I would like to thank Ripu mam, who was our pre-primary class teacher. We met her on the day of her retirement. The warmth I could feel in her behavior towards us, felt as if my mother was leaving for a holiday and I didn’t want to leave her.

What life lessons would you like to give to the current batch of students at Apeejay Pitampura?

I would just say live your days to the best in every aspect. Be it offline or the online mode, your friends are always there for you. Also, please don’t take teachers as authority figures. Take them instead as humans and friends who can be imperfect, can make mistakes and who have the liberty to learn and grow. The school is a community which will always stay with you. School life is grounded and will always keep you stable. Your biggest evolution is happening during your school life.

What are your future targets?

I am looking forward to something in branding and marketing in the future. Dr. D K Bedi used to tell us that life gives surprises and we should take life as it comes. So, let’s see what’s in store for me.  

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