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Today’s youths can bring a transformation tomorrow



By Avika Bansal

India has one of the youngest populations in the world. And these youngsters have an important role to play as contribute to the promotion of national cohesion and the development of the new India that we all envisioned.

Patriotism cannot just be described in words. It is the sentiment that keeps the nation together, even when its people have different opinions and beliefs. It is the feeling of love, empathy, and a sense of pride for the country, its history and traditions.

Patriotism can be expressed in many ways. You can be a
law-abiding citizen who respects rules, fulfills civic responsibilities, pays taxes regularly, votes in elections and lives peacefully with other citizens despite differences in ideologies.

For today’s youth as well, the feeling of patriotism is strong . For instance, purchasing products that are made in India, not indulging in any wrong activity that can bring down the country’s reputation, as well as cheering and supporting fellow countrymen in sports are some of the ways that reflect a sense of patriotism in youth.

The country’s vision lies in the hands of the youth. They have a responsibility to understand the greatness of this country and work towards the betterment of the nation. They are getting actively engaged in nation-building activities and are capable enough to deal with today’s threats such as climate change, corruption, population, gender inequality, regionalism, caste system. The idea is to achieve sustainable, inclusive and stable societies, which will further contribute to national development. 

Our elders undoubtedly remain remarkably high in their devotion to the country. But the youths are leaving no stone unturned. They are making the country proud around the globe. The energy is high and this must not subside. The spirit of patriotism can be inculcated among youngsters from an early age. This can be instilled by creating a conducive environment composed of family, education system, media and society, that endorses a sense of patriotism and dignity.  The education system will always play a crucial role in inculcating values of respect, tradition, empathy, patriotism and so on, among young minds. This will add to the overall personality development of an individual.

Thus, let’s all support support our youth representatives who will have the potential to become future leaders. They have abundant energy and the capability to deal with present-day complex problems. They must be encouraged further to come up with innovative ideas. It is the youth’s consciousness that can provide the impetus for scientific and practical breakthroughs in today’s era of technology and medical advancement.