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‘The cultural events organised at ACFA boost a student’s confidence’ 

The mother-daughter duo of Mrs. Rupinder Kaur and Ms. Divjot Kaur talk about the extracurricular edge that the institute inculcates among students



Few bonds are as special as a mother-daughter bond. A mother and a daughter not only complement one another but also complete each other perfectly. So, here’s celebrating a special mother-daughter duo: Mrs. Rupinder Kaur and Ms. Divjot Kaur. Mrs Rupinder Kaur is a Math Teacher at Government Senior Secondary School, Dakoha in Jalandhar. Her husband Mr. Gurvinder Singh is the Manager at Punjab National Bank, Jalandhar. Their daughter, Ms. Divjot Kaur is a first semester Psychology student at Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar (ACFA). In a double interview, the mother-daughter duo speaks about reasons for choosing ACFA, Ms. Divjot’s hobbies and her personal development since joining the college. Edited Excerpts:

 What made you choose ACFA over other universities for your child’s admission?

Mrs. Rupinder Kaur (Mother) – My daughter was initially enrolled at another college in Jalandhar. But we recently shifted our house and then got her enrolled in ACFA since it was close to our home. We have been to the campus and we liked ACFA a lot. The college is very nice.

Ms. Divjot Kaur– Well, to be honest, I chose ACFA since it is the best college in town. I am really happy to study here.

 Please tell us a bit about Ms. Divjot and update us about her progress at ACFA?

Mrs. Rupinder Kaur – Divjot is a very lively girl with many talents. She likes painting, dancing and baking among her hobbies.

Ms. Divjot Kaur– I love to bake cakes with oats and wheat.  So I bake healthy cakes basically (laughs). I also love to read books. I recently finished the book Can love happen twice? by Ravinder Singh.

I also like singing but I am very embarrassed to sing in front of an audience. I admire Anuv Jain a lot and I really like his song Alag Aasmaan. In semester one, we had most of our classes at the campus. I really enjoyed them.  The online classes have only recently started and so far we have just given our semester exams in the online mode.

Are the teachers engaging well with the students?

Mrs. Rupinder Kaur (Mother) – The teachers at ACFA are really nice.

Ms. Divjot– The teachers are very supportive. I have a special bond with some of them. They are mentors to me. There are certain things that I don’t discuss with my mother but I talk to about them with my teachers. They guide and encourage me so much. I would especially like to thank Prof Rashmi in this. Though she doesn’t teach me (she is a Philosophy Professor) but I have a special bond with her.

As a psychology student, which psychologist’s theories fascinate you the most?

Ms. Divjot Kaur– Sigmund Freud for sure. He is a bit controversial but some of his works are truly mind-blowing. His theory about unconscious and subconscious fascinates me a lot.

What are the advantages of the online classes?

Ms. Divjot Kaur- The online classes are nice. They give me the time to balance home and college. That is the best part for me.  But personally, I love the interactions one has in the classes at the campus.

 What is the best thing about ACFA?

Ms. Divjot Kaur- The best thing about ACFA is that there is a lot of exposure provided to the students. It gives one a lot of experience. I have always been a very shy student. Back in the other college, I was never on stage. But here at ACFA, I have been on the stage a lot of times. In my initial days at ACFA I even won a dance competition. That was the first time ever that I had danced on stage. It was a totally unique and a thrilling experience for me.

Mrs. Rupinder Kaur (Mother)– An ACFA student gets a lot of exposure through the numerous competitions and events organized in the campus. I was so happy to see Divjot dance on the stage and win the competition. It gave her a huge boost of confidence.  

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