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The Apeejay management’s decision of quickly starting online classes benefited students: Dr Vaneeta Bhardwar



Dr. Vaneeta Bhardwar with her family

Dr. Vaneeta Bhardwar, a pathologist, feels delighted that her husband Dr. Jatinder Singh, and she made the right decision of sending their kids to Apeejay School, Model Town, Jalandhar. In a short interview, she explains how the kids are being groomed by the teachers.

Why did you choose Apeejay School for your children?

My son Praatik Kauldhar is 11 years old and daughter Lovroop Kaur is six. Choosing a school for Praatik was more important as we knew that we will be sending Lovroop to the same school as his brother. At the time of admission, we explored many schools in the area, but we found Apeejay School far better than others. Apeejay is better in academics, they have well-experienced teachers and the infrastructure is nice.  Also, we could not ignore the fact that Apeejay has a reputation in the market.

Can you tell us a little about your children?

Praatik is studying in class 7. He is very happy in the school and is doing well. Two years ago, he was sports captain of his house, and last year he was vice sports captain of the school. He is doing Abacus too. He is into multiple hobbies. He plays tennis and gets involved in all the activities and tries to excel. He believes in giving 100 %.

Lovroop is very young and we are still trying to discover the hobbies that she wants to explore. She is in Class 2.  She likes dancing and she is good at arts. She likes drawing and painting. She is not naughty but a pampered kid in the family.  She wants everything and gets all her demands fulfilled.

Are they missing going to school?

Yes. Praatik always talks about his school memories. He misses the teachers, his friends and the way they used to eat their lunch in the class. Both my kids are missing the celebrations and special occasions in the school.

Are you happy with online classes?

I am more than happy with them. I even told Principal Ma’am also that I am really happy as Apeejay had a vision that the Covid is going to stay with us for a long time. So, they started the online classes immediately and made the students familiar with the new normal. I still remember that other schools were struggling with online classes and students at Apeejay were taking their online exams. Even the teachers put in their best efforts in making the classes interactive and as good as offline classrooms.

Do you see any progress in the kids’ personality?

Both of them have been in the same school since the very beginning. So, whatever they are or whatever they have learnt, is because of the school itself. I can proudly say that Praatik is a confident child now. I am liking it and I hope that my daughter also turns out to be a confident girl.

What do you like the most about Apeejay School?

I like their approach. The approach is very balanced.I am happy that in online classes they are doing extra-activities to make students feel productive.

Your experience as a parent?

I am happy. Our feedback and suggestions are listened to. The teachers and the management are very approachable and supportive.

“The online classes were well-organised. Therefore, the school didn’t opt for extra classes in the evening as well, unlike other schools.”

Dr. Vaneeta Bhardwar

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