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Short story: The paper and pen



By Ashita Kashyap

Once there was a paper and a pen. Both of them were friends. Though they spoke to each other often, they had one thing in common, an attitude problem.

One day, both of them were talking about who is better. Paper said that he was the best as the pen wrote on it. But, pen said that he was better because it was written on the paper.In a few seconds, their conversation turned into a quarrel. Hearing the noises, the pencil came and started boasting about herself. She always tried to make them quarrel all the more. She became happy watching them both fight.

So, she said that none of them were perfect. She said that paper could tear if we try to write on it too fast. She continued, “And pen could not be erased”. Just then, the owner of the stationary, a little 6-year old girl came in. All of them stopped for a second. Then, she picked up the pencil and started drawing in her drawing notebook. The pencil was giving both the sheet and the pen a grin.

From that day onwards, the paper and pen stopped talking. One day, paper heard pencil say to the eraser that she always wanted to break their friendship. He understood everything. He rushed to the pen and told him everything. At first, the pen didn’t believe it but as soon as the paper started, he understood everything. Now, the next day they knew what they had to do.

Pencil again saw them talking and laughing together. She was shocked to see them and left in irritation. The pen and paper laughed and promised to be friends forever.

Moral of the story: Never accept and believe the blind criticism anyone has to offer about yourself.

Poetic गुफ्तगू – With हुमेरा खान @poetsofDelhi