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My daughter herself chose Apeejay as her school when we were yet to make up our mind: Dr. Rubina Lall



Dr. Rubina Lall (45) is a General Physician and her husband Dr Devinder Singh Lall (47) is an orthopaedic doctor. The couple have their own clinic, Lall’s Orthoclinic Centre, in Jalandhar. Both their daughters—Eeshani and Kaashvi — are studying at Apeejay Model Town and Rhythms Kinderworld, Model Town.

Tell us more about your children?
Eeshani is 10 years old and is studying in class 5. She is good at singing and is really interested in cooking. She is good at Science as well. She takes care of her younger sister the way she should. I am happy that the teachers at Apeejay are identifying her talent and promoting it by making her participate in activities. Kaashvi is four and is studying in UKG of Rhythms. She is a naughty child, but I am sure she will become mature and sensible with time. She loves her teachers so much. Kaashvi is very good at grasping things. I don’t have to put much effort into making her learn new things.

What made you choose Apeejay over other schools?
It was not us who chose Eeshani’s school. Let me explain. Actually, when we went to see Apeejay School with Eeshani, she left my hand and started playing there. She even interacted with the staff as if she knew them for a long time. We were amazed to see how comfortable and happy our daughter was. We then believed that Eeshani had chosen her school on her own. When we told her that this is going to be her school, she was counting days before she could begin attending classes after the admission.

Why did you choose the same school for your younger daughter?
After Eeshani’s admission, we found that the teachers at Apeejay are excellent. She understands her concepts at the school itself that she doesn’t need my help at home. We were satisfied with her education as well as the holistic development that a child needs. So, it wasn’t a tough decision to send Kaashvi to the same school.

How are the kids responding to the online classes?
Both my daughters are enjoying their online classes. Every morning they are excited to attend the virtual class and meet their teachers and friends. I must appreciate that the teachers are taking extra pains to make the online classes smooth and engaging. With an effective approach of making the students read the chapter first and then explaining it to them, is actually helping the students grasp the content. I am also impressed with an interactive Q&A session after each class.

What are their recent learnings in school?
They have become more responsible now. Even though I spend most of my time looking after my daughters, they never disappoint me. They get up early in the morning on their own, get ready for the class. They know about their subject timetable and also finish the work assigned to them. Eeshani has become calm and sobre. She has started behaving maturely.

Do the teachers provide individual attention to the students?
Yes, since I attend the online class of my younger daughter, I know that teachers are giving proper attention to each student. They know how important it is setting up a strong foundation for a child. The teachers are not letting the pandemic leave a dent on the child’s education

“Both my daughters are enjoying their online classes. Every morning they are excited to attend the virtual class and meet their teachers and friends.”

-Dr. Rubina Lall

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