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 IBM to train 2 million in AI in three years



IBM has made a significant commitment to address the global Artificial Intelligence (AI) skills gap. They have pledged to train two million individuals in AI by the end of 2026, with a particular emphasis on supporting underrepresented communities. This ambitious goal will be achieved through a multifaceted approach.

To scale their efforts globally, IBM is expanding collaborations with universities worldwide, aiming to enhance AI education. This involves providing university faculty with access to IBM-led training, encompassing lectures and immersive learning experiences, with the opportunity for certification upon completion. Additionally, IBM will furnish faculty with course materials, including self-guided AI learning pathways for classroom use. Students will also benefit from this initiative, gaining access to free online courses covering generative AI and Red Hat open source technologies.

IBM is extending its reach by partnering with organisations to deliver AI training to adult learners. They are also introducing new coursework focused on generative AI through their platform, IBM SkillsBuild. This builds upon existing programmes and platforms, ensuring broader accessibility to AI education and technical roles in demand.

A recent global study conducted by the IBM Institute of Business Value underscores the urgency of this initiative. Surveyed executives estimate that implementing AI and automation will necessitate the reskilling of 40% of their workforce, particularly those in entry-level positions, within the next three years. This reinforces the critical need for new skills and roles in response to the proliferation of generative AI.