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Hard work reaps gold



By Ridhima Aggarwal

Once upon a time, there was an alchemist, Tapi who along with his wife, Arina lived in a small village, Kurume Kume. One day his wife asked him, “How will we survive if you will not earn anything?” She requested him to do farming on their agricultural land.

Feeling irritated by Arina, Tapi replied, “Why should I work, if I can earn money while sitting at home? You have forgotten that I am an alchemist. I can convert anything into gold.” Arina was worried and went to her father, Neban. She narrated everything to him and asked for his help.

After listening to this, Neban asked Tapi to pay him a visit. Using this as an excuse he talked to Tapi and said, “When I was young, I also wanted to become an alchemist. I was trying to find out the tricks to become a successful alchemist, but by the time I realised that, I had grown old.” He told Tapi that he could tell him the trick, but he should do things as directed. Tapi agreed and said “I will do whatever you will say”

Later, Neban handed him some banana seeds and said, “Take these banana seeds and sow them on your farm. When the trees grow, you will have to collect 1 kg of golden dust which will accumulate on the leaves.” Tapi was shocked and exclaimed, “Collecting 1 kg golden dust will take years!” But still, he expressed a sigh and said, “I will do so.” Neban and Arina were very happy that they had fooled Tapi and convinced him to work.

Years passed, and Tapi kept on growing trees and selling bananas in the market. He gave all the money to Arina which he earned by selling the bananas. Arina’s happiness touched the sky as she bought gold with the money.

Finally, after years of hard work he was able to collect 1 kg of golden dust. Tired, Tapi went to the Neban and said, “Here is 1 kg of golden dust which I have collected from the banana leaves. Take it and please tell me the further process.” Neban laughed quietly and called Arina. He asked her whether she had bought gold from the money given by Tapi. She nodded in affirmation and gave that gold to Neban.

Clever Neban gave that gold to Tapi and said, “Here is the gold.” Tapi ran like a horse to the market and sold that gold and got money in exchange. With that money, Tapi solved all the problems he was facing in his life.

Later, he thanked Neban, took his blessings and came back to his new house with Arina.

Arina was also very happy as Tapi earned it all with his hard work. Both of them lived happily together.

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