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Footprints of excellence via spectacular morning assembly!

The students of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park recently embarked on their creativity in a special assembly on – ‘Leaving Footprints in the Sand of Time



In the bustling corridors of education, where minds ignite with curiosity and hearts beat with ambition, special assemblies stand as shimmering gems, casting a spell of innovation across the school landscape. Special assemblies are not mere gatherings, but they are the crucibles in which students forge their identities, nurture their passions, and chart their destinies.

On May 30, 2024, students of Apeejay School, Panchsheel Park, organised a special assembly in the school auditorium, inviting students from classes IX to XII to participate. The students of class XII-D embarked on the theme: Leaving Footprints in the Sand of Time, which was aimed to instill the significance of creating enduring legacies and impacts.

The assembly commenced with a serene morning prayer, setting the tone for introspection and reflection. Following this, an engaging session on vocabulary enrichment provided students with linguistic nourishment. The “thought of the day” segment stimulated contemplation, offering pearls of wisdom to ponder upon throughout the day.

Keeping the audience updated, the assembly also included a segment on current events and news updates, ensuring students remained informed about the world around them.

The highlights of the assembly were truly captivating. The class choir presented a harmonious medley, captivating hearts with their melodious rendition. An exhilarating quiz celebrating notable Indian personalities not only tested knowledge but also ignited inspiration and admiration for these influential figures.

An instrumental performance transported the audience to realms of musical enchantment, showcasing talent and skill. The addition of self-composed Shayari added a personal touch, weaving emotions and sentiments into the fabric of the assembly.

The cultural richness of India was celebrated through a mesmerising Kathak dance, captivating the audience with its graceful movements and rhythmic beats. Finally, a themed poem eloquently encapsulated the essence of the assembly’s theme, leaving a lasting impression on the minds of all attendees.

During the assembly, the Principal of the school, Ms Surabhi Joshi, unveiled the exciting lineup for the upcoming Commerce Week scheduled for July. She also had the honour of presenting scholarship cheques from Apeejay Management to deserving students who achieved remarkable scores of 95% and above in the CBSE Class X exams for the academic year 2022-23.

Enhancing the celebration of student achievements, the winners of the Kala Utsav district-level competition were acknowledged and rewarded for their exceptional artistic prowess. The anticipation heightened as the assembly transitioned into the eagerly awaited elections for the new Student Council.

Abhilasha Munjal is a Senior Correspondent with Apeejay Newsroom. She has completed her Bachelor's degree in English from Delhi University. Abhilasha holds vivid knowledge about content and has predominantly covered local as well as trending stories in the digital media.