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Everything changed since then



Once there was a small family, a mother (housewife), father (retired government officer) and their son, who got a job in a company. When he got his first salary he was so delighted that he threw a party for his friends. However, his parents were happy about this success, they were sad as their own son had ignored them after receiving his first pay cheque.

One day, he came home after work with number of shopping bags. The parents were surprised and his mother immediately asked, “Did you go shopping?”

He said, “Yes, I wanted to buy some clothes.” 

His mother got excited and asked, “Did you buy anything for us?” 

He replied, “For what? Why should I spend my money on you? What’s the boon?” 

“We’re your parents! Not strangers. There is nothing to lose when it is for parents,” the mother said. 

The son walked away ignoring his parents, which was heartbreaking for his mother. 

The next day he was getting ready to go to work. He came downstairs and saw his mother and ignored her. The mother asked, “Where are you going? Are you not going to have your breakfast?” To which he replied, “I don’t want anything. I’m just leaving for my work, please leave me alone.” 

The mother was upset but still asked him, “Why are you always ignoring us? Until you got your job, you always used to say that you are the best mother. Now, you don’t want us and you leave whenever you want. After getting a job, how can you change so much? How can you ignore us?” 

“Stop this! I don’t want to hear anything, just get out of my house,” he said in a stern voice and left for work.

Listening to this was too much for his parents. They felt bad about their son’s behaviour. So they decided to teach him a lesson to make him understand the value of parents.

They decided to leave the house and stay at the family house for some days.

When he came back from office he didn’t see anyone and directly went to his bedroom to freshen up. He then came down to have dinner, and realised that his parents are not around. But even though he ignored and murmured, “What if they are not around, I don’t care.”

He was hungry so he went to the kitchen but, he didn’t know how to cook. He somehow managed to prepare his dinner. However, the goodness of the food didn’t reach the way he expected it to be, therefore, he went to sleep. The next day again he had to prepare his breakfast, this was a task for him, but it was needed for his arrogance though. 

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