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Dreams make you soar high



By Noor Kohli

A dream is a hope, an inspiration, an aim. It is the driving force that energises us to achieve our goals. Without dreams, there is nothing to plan or look forward to. So, we must dream and give our best in making them real.

Dr. Stya Paul truly said, “It is not a disgrace if dreams are unfulfilled, but it is, if we have no dreams to dream!” Through his words, he wants to convey that we should not feel bad if our dreams are unfulfilled, but feel bad when we have no dreams to dream. So we should not get demotivated when our dreams are not fulfilled. Instead, we should find our mistakes and focus on improving them.

Having a dream is like having a purpose in life, when you will start working hard for your goals, you will never lose interest in life. To achieve your goals, you must have the determination to face challenges and succeed in life.

In order to achieve your dreams you must have an inspiring vision of the future that motivates you to stay consistent. Your dreams have no limits, a person is the creator of his own dreams, either big or small. Great dreamers grow to be independent when they realise they can achieve anything with hardwork and dedication.

There is a list of great personalities from Bill Gates to Mahatma Gandhi and many more who have shown the courage to dream and become successful in the world. Similarly, we should believe in the power of dreams as they strengthen our desires to attain something in life. So we should always dream to achieve something big in our lives and in the end, we will surely succeed. 

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